Reviews Paediatric First Aid:

2017 reviews

Really appreciated the depth of knowledge of the trainer and how discussions were held.

Loved the course, Great teacher, lots of good info.

Really the best course I have ever done, Thank you. (June 2017)

Really impressed and nice to see what standard of training our staff receive. (June 2017)

Very interesting. Really felt I learned a lot.

 Had a great time.

Kerry was fantastic and I learnt so much, she made learning fun yet emphasised the seriousness of first aid. May 2017



October 2016 reviews

Much more relaxed approach, learnt more than usual first aid I have done before. Lovely lady.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day course. it was a very relaxed environment!

Kerry is always very good and is happy to answer any question with confidence.

Very friendly atmosphere, very approachable. I feel very confident in what I have been taught. Kerry is a Great Teacher!

Latest Reviews: Summer 2016 Paediatric First Aid

“Very good instructor. Was very happy to ask questions and Kerry was very knowledgeable, Thank you.” KM July 2016

“An excellent course delivered with a confident approach on all subjects” SG July 2016 “Kerry gave fantastic energy to keep us intrigued through-out. Easily explained & managed to remember” SR July 2016

“A really informative 2 day course, fun and interesting also. Thank you” MH July 2016

“Extremely well presented. Well managed. Kept everyone on task. Spoke well and clear. Made sure everyone knew what they had to.” SG July 2016

“The best first aid course I have attended. Excellent, thank you” L.H. July 2015

Best first aid course I have attended. Kerry is very informative and instils confidence.” S.L. July 2015

“Really good clear course.” E.E. June 2015

“This is much more geared towards children so I feel it is extremely beneficial compared to other courses I have been on” T.E. June 2015

Earlier Reviews

“Brilliant course. Delivered brilliantly. Great value for money, thank you.” C.D. January 2013

“Very valuable, would recommend.” Z.P. January 2013

“Course was really clear and the revision questions consolidated learning.” L.W. January 2013

“Very thorough & enjoyable.” C.G. January 2013

“Very good training, I now feel confident I could use it.” A.E. January 2013

“Course very well given.” C.G. January 2013.

“Well presented, very clear, makes it easy to remember.” H.M. January 2013

“Variety of presentation-Very Good.”  A.M.

“Brilliant tutor, Best first aid I have attended, very interactive and fun!”

“Have done several first aid courses and feel this is very well presented!”

“Been on 5 First Aid Courses before, found this one the best!.”  A.D.

 “Very thorough and well laid out. Structured to keep interest with mix of activities and interaction.” E.K. April 2013

“Made fun but learnt what was needed!! Very good trainer, and a lot of practical.” May 2013

I found the way of teaching very good and easy to take in.” D.S. May 2013

“Clear concise delivery, good practical sessions” C.S. October 2013

“Trainer very confident, kept it interesting throughout, perfect, I learnt loads.”  S.P. October 2013

“Kerry did an excellent job, I would defo recommend!”  J.J. October 2013

“Friendly and professional.”  S.B. October 2013

“Kerry was very good when I had questions and helped me to be confident.” R.S. October 2013

“Good course, lots of hands on to keep interest.”

“Very informative, I feel I have learnt a lot”  J.K. November 2013

“Learnt a lot, loved the 1st Aid Box activity.”  N.K. November 2013



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